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RIFTS NG Beach Master Robot by ChuckWalton RIFTS NG Beach Master Robot by ChuckWalton

Rifts® Northern Gun™BEACHMASTER NG-V36

The intimidating meal monster that is the Northern Gun Beachmaster is the larger, combat robot counterpart to the Beach-Stormer power armor. It has reliable underwater propulsion and navigation systems, and it is made to rise up out of the sea or lakes during amphibious assaults and storm enemy coastal or river positions as well as to attack ships in deep water.

In the dark depths of the Great Lakes or the open ocean, the Beachmaster is an ambush predator. When a suspected enemy vessel is indicated approaching on sonar, a unique ballast system enables the Beachmaster to slowly rise from the lake floor or ocean depths as well as at harbors and docks.   A favorite tactic is for the Beachmaster to climb up onto a ship, or hang from the side of one ship while blasting away at another.   The Beachmaster is not terribly fast compared to certain submarines or aquatic magic vehicles, but is big and tough enough that it can usually take on anything that it can catch up to. Its undersea weapons are mainly sort-range, and feature many dual-capability principles.

Once on land, the Beachmaster lives up to its name, providing a pivotal armored fist for amphibious infantry o rally behind and follow into battle. With its heavy weapons, it can neutralize patrol boats, towers, rail gun nests, and bunkers, as well as infantry troops. Its flamethrower, in fact, is one of the weapons used for flushing out bunkers and scattering troops or monsters’ nest and den sights. The Beachmaster’s hands, large and powerful for close combat purposes, are also designed to be effective in climbing and engineering operations.  The robot can dig up enemy positions or scoop sand and soil into makeshift ramps to assist tracked or wheeled vehicles in coming ashore during amphibious landings or making defensive mounded walls and trenches for protecting troops and securing field positions. To lead the charge, the Beachmaster tears up whole lines of barbed wire defenses, plows through tide-walls and earthworks and can engage monsters and other robots in hand to hand combat.  To assist in such operations, the Beachmaster has a chainsaw on its left a forearm and an array of weapon systems.

Model Type: NG-V36

Class: Amphibious Assault Robot.

Crew: 2, one pilot and one co-pilot/gunner, the robot is designed so that a single plot can operate everything if necessary.


Running:  60 mph (96 km) maximum.

Leaping:  10 feet (3 m) high or across, Increase by 50% with a running start.

Water:  Up to 30mph (48 km) on the surface via propulsion system, limited to about 20 mph (32 km) submerged and 20mph (32 km) walking along the lake floor.  Maximum depth is 4,000 feet (1,219 m)

Flying:  Not applicable.

Statistical Data:

Height: 26 feet (8 m)

Width: 16 feet (4.8 m) from shoulder to shoulder.

Length:  15 feet (4.6 m)

Weight:  25 tons

Power System: Nuclear, average life is 20years. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and electric battery versions are also available.

Weapon Systems:

1. Blue-Green Chest lasers (2):  A pair of chest-mounted blue green lasers are the Beachmaster’s only energy weapons equating to an unlimited payload.  They have respectable range underwater and are even more effective on land.

2. Shoulder mounted Mini-Torpedo Launcher:  It can launch torpedoes when submerged, moving along the surface of the water or standing adjacent or above the water’s surface (torpedoes drop into the water and speed off toward the target).

3. Shoulder Mounted Mini-Missile Launchers (2):  Standard plasma missiles that can discharge din volleys above or below the surface.

4: Heavy Flamethrower:  Typically used to flush out bunkers and enemy positions, but is also very effective against sea monsters and most animals that are afraid of fire. The flame thrower is designed to be waterproof and is usable on the surface of the water, but comes with valves that automatically seal it off underwater, deactivating it and preventing water from contaminating the napalm reserve.

5. Mega Damage Chainsaw: The chainsaw can be locked in position in its stowed position (as depicted) to slice opponents or cut through ship hulls, netting, barbed wire, etc., or the chainsaw can be slid forward to extend above and beyond the hand and used like a short sword to slice through obstacles and opponents alike. The blades are capable of cutting through armor and delivering grievous wounds to many monstrous opponents.    

6. Electric Field Antenna: The final trick up the Beachmaster’s sleeve is a long antenna mounted along the robot’s back.  When activated, the antenna produces a strong electric field in the water around the robot, repelling and shocking sharks and other sea creatures and dissuading sea monsters from attacking.    The field does no real damage, but has a stunning effect which prevents sensitive creatures from closing in n the robot and will drive less determined attackers away.  The field has no affect on torpedoes, ships, submarines or other watercraft.

7: NG -505 Heavy Rail Cannon (Optional): The Beachmaster “Ship Hunter” Variant has a Heavy Rail Cannon mounted in place of the mini-torpedo launcher.  The Rail Cannon cannot be used underwater. 

Rifts® Northern Gun™ One is the most tech-filled World Book Palladium has ever produced. In addition to world information, background and O.C.C.s for the Northern Gun corporation and Ishpeming, there are 27 robots, 70+ weapons and all kinds of dynamic information and gaming resources. Courtesy of the largest arms dealer and independent manufacturer on the continent: Northern Gun™.

Northern Gun™ is the most famous arms manufacture in North America. Outside of the Coalition States, one could argue, no other kingdom is as powerful or influential, at least when it comes to technology and weapons. The manufacture and sale of Northern Gun weapons and vehicles has given virtually every kingdom, town, colony of settlers and adventurer group a chance to survive and prosper. Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, NG has been the premier outfitter of mercenaries, adventurers and upstart kingdoms for generations. Now, for the first time ever, learn Northern Gun’s history, goals and plans for the future. Of course, that means new weapons, robots, power armor, vehicles and gear.

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TechShiftZeiro Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazing, the symmetric shapes are so epic!
inferno6 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Terrific line quality. Your art is awesome and inspiring. What kind of pencils do you use?
ChuckWalton Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank You so much for the kind words, much appreciated! I use zebra .5 mm pencils on a bristle board smooth plate finish and then polish the work off in Photoshop using the dodge & burn tool. Hope that helps. 
Arthurchristmas555 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow amazing design!
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You sure make some badass looking mechs! Here i thought your badassery sopped with the Splicers lol :)
ffranceschi Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
Another fantastic Robot! I like the "Amphibious Assault" theme.
Treyos Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Could be a fun mech to romp around it.  And go swimming in.  ;)
Pi-Rex Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, this is one OP mother blaster :D
CaptainOddball Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
you, sir, are a rock star.
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due you rock
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