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RIFTS NG EX-9 Behemoth Super-Explorer by ChuckWalton RIFTS NG EX-9 Behemoth Super-Explorer by ChuckWalton


If you didn’t think anything could get bigger than the Behemoth Explorer, guess again.  The Behemoth Super- Explorer, has just been made available by NG on the open market. It is a modernized, larger version of the Behemoth Explorer, and people are going wild over it.

The Super Explorer is very much a well thought out improvement on the Behemoth.  Also known as the “Super X” - the Behemoth Super-Explorer, though bigger, improved and more heavily armed – is much intended to be an exploration vehicle, not a war machine.  With so many people being dispatched by war and disasters, the Super-X was made to have a larger and better equipped medical bay, more than one laboratory, and increased storage and housing for more people and their equipment, armor and smaller vehicles.  It also has many other unique features to make travel and exploration in the wild safer, more comfortable, and some would say, downright homey.

Like its predecessor, the massive robot vehicle is intended for wilderness travel and exploration.  The four legs, instead of two, provide superior stability, but the robot can limp along on two legs (at one third its normal speed) if necessary.  It also has more sensors and medical and laboratory space, and additional defensive weapons.   There was some concern about giving the Super-X more weapons, nut I it was deemed wise for travel in hostile wilderness d other environments.   The EX-9 remains recognized as a non-combat exploration robot vehicle, and should still enjoy the rights of passage the older EX-5 Behemoth Explorer has been given.  This is helped by the preservation of many familiar EX-5 characteristics, making it immediately recognized as a scientific or civilian transport, not a combat robot. 

While mercenaries and hostile forces could tear out the laboratories and add weapons to turn the Super-X into an armored personnel carrier and weapons platform, it rally lacks the armor, speed and combat capabilities to be effective in combat.  It is so big and slow that it makes an easy target to blast and its arms are not designed for fighting.

Rooftop level 1

1.  Sensors – starting at the top there are two redundant sensor arrays with radar and sonar capabilities as well as a battery of other sensors and long range, wideband, directional communications. Both arrays are identical and located outside the enclosed observation deck in the back of the vehicle.

2. Observation Deck:  Kitchen – can cook enough to feed 120 people, Cafeteria – can seat 60 at a time, Lounge area, Small Meeting room, A library/cpu room, Small lab, Small greenhouse, Small bedroom size storage room

3. Forward Observation Deck: Seats 6 & standing room for 12-16.

4. Rooftop Hangar Bays: Able to house a half dozen power armors, or sic rocket bikes or hover cycles in each bay.

2nd level

The Second level inside the robot is divided into the following sections: Note that except for the storage bay, the robot can be heated and air-conditioned throughout.

Main Laboratory with basic equipment and tools such as computers, microscopes, spectrometers for chemical analysis, containers for storing specimens, an examination/autopsy able, a couple of lab tables, 4 desks, shelves, isolation chamber, quarantine room, tons of equipment).

Medical Bay (Major examination room, 2 small exam rooms, one sick room with 4 beds, tons of med equipment and robots and portable units),

Two Barracks- Style Living Quarters, three level bunks with private lockers, communal lavatory and shower, sleeping berths and lockers for 30 people per barrack)

Two Crew Quarters (two rooms with two beds and modest living area with desks, small closets and dressers a sofa and a private bathroom each)

Pilots Quarters, A small room much like the crew’s quarters with a private bathroom.

Auxiliary Bridge control,

Two Storage Areas

Belly Cargo bay – can hold 20 tons of cargo, 6-8 small vehicles or 1-2 mid size vehicles and 12-20 PA suits (possibly more) with elevator platform.

Pilots Deck and the Bridge – This is the large head like compartment at the front of the EX-9. It seats the core crew of 4, but can seat an additional 8 with 12-16 standing room.  It is designed very much like the Forward Observation Deck with reinforced four inch mega damage plexiglass.  In case of an emergency, the Pilot’s Deck canbe shut down, disengaged and the deck sealed off, airtight with a locking environmental hatch.  This occurs when the Pilots Deck is breached or destroyed.

An Auxillary Bridge Control Room is located on the second level of the robot, which can be piloted via cameras and sensors.  This second room also controls communications, life support, cooling and heating.

Exterior Lighting, Headlights and Spotlights – Two light towers are located on the front of the robot, and two slightly larger towers are mounted in the rear.  All can rotate 360 degrees and can tilt up or down 45 degrees.  Range is 1000 feet (305 m).  Light Domes are located on the right and left undercarriages of the Super Explorer.  The two protrusions which could be mistaken for snub-nosed gun barrels are laser distancers that can measure the distance of a location, vehicle, fellow traveler, animal or enemy up to one mile (1.6 m) away.  A light dome illuminates a 200 foot (61 m) radius.

Belly Light & Camera Turret: Locate don the underbelly, toward the middle, and right behind the cargo bay elevator hatch, is an odd looking turret.  The eight protrusions around it are all spotlights with built in cameras.  Four are incandescent lights and four are infrared.  Each can rotate 45 degrees to position its light or film; the turret can store up to 5,000 hours of digital footage.  The optics system is designed to provide a clear view in all directions of what is happening on the ground underneath and around the Behemoth Super-Explorer.   The infrared and lights and night cameras are for night security and to record he behavior of wildlife.  Each member of the core crew has access to a live feed from each active camera at their control console at all times, and they can store and review past footage.  Such footage can be sent to the lab, the cafeteria and other locations for display.

Headlights:  A pair of headlights are located on top of the Pilots Deck.  The battery of shapes on the side of the robot are forward facing lights that can be repositioned and pointed individually up to 30 degrees in any direction.  Each of the large arms also has a headlight and camera that faces forward the same direction as the arm.  The nose gun under the pilot’s Deck Cockpit also has a small incandescent and infrared light and gun camera.

Running Lights and other small t tine lights, reminiscent of aircraft lights, are located around the hatches, arms and legs of the robot.

Robot Utility Arms & Hands are more articulated than the old EX-5 Behemoth Explorer, though like it, they are used for rooting through ruins, searching for salvage, grasping and retrieving specimens of flora or wildlife, examining carcasses, and so on, without leaving the robot.  A pair of smaller retractable arms are housed in the big forearms, and have a more delicate and accurate touch.  He hands in the small arms can extend and additional seven feet (2.1 m) and contain a light, a camera, a plasma torch and a variable laser cutter used for repairs, excavation and salvage. Both pairs of hands can be used for picking up and moving debris, picking up fallen trees, moving cargo, construction work, repairing other robots and vehicles, retrieving salvage, shooing away animals and even pushing away hostile creatures.   

Weapon Systems are improved as the Ex-9 Super- X has three obvious weapon turrets:  the nose rail gun and a laser turret on each side.  These are intended for defense, but can make decent assault weapons, too.  Not so obvious are the rotary concealed missile launcher bays located in the shoulder section of the front legs.  A heavy payload of Mini-Missiles are the standard armament, but for extra money, they can be replaced and upgraded with short range or medium missiles per leg.

There is some concern that these weapons systems may bring more heat on the Behemoth Super-Explorer, but this is a dangerous world with the need for basic protection.  Most people still view the Super-X as a mostly benign vehicle probably housing non combatants such as explorers, scientists, medical teams, engineers, scholars and refugees, and leave it alone.

Model Type: EX-9 Super-Explorer

Class:  Behemoth Class Mobile Medical & Research Robot Vehicle.

Crew:  Four, one pilot, one co-pilot, one communications officer and a dedicated gunner.   The Super can be run by the skeleton crew listed above and driven by just one pilot, if necessary.


Running:  45 mph (72 km) maximum.

Leaping:  Not possible.

Water:  Cannot swim, but can walk along the bottom of rivers, lakes and seas at a maximum speed of 12 mph (19.2 km), maximum depth tolerance is 1,500 feet (457 m).

Flying:  Not applicable.

Statistical Data:

Height: 70 feet (21.3 m).

Width:  40 feet (12.2 m).

Length:  110 feet (33.5 m).

Weight:  35 tons with empty cargo bays.

Power System: Nuclear, average life is 12 years.

Weapon Systems:

1. NG-X009 Rail Gun Turret:  The main gun for defense and protection of the Super-X is a rail gun turret built into the nose, under the Pilot’s Deck/Bridge.  It can rotate 180 degrees to the right or left and has a 45 degree of p and down arc of fire.  This weapon can be operated by the pilot or co-pilot.  The Rail gun has superior range (4,000 feet/1,219 m) and fires hard shells that cannot be mitigated by energy-reflecting armor or magic.  8,000 rounds, loaded into two oversized detachable drum magazines accessed from the inside.

2. NG-437 –TBL “Turbo” Triple Barrel Laser Turret (2):  The 437-TBL is a triple barrel laser turret with gun camera and laser targeting.  The laser cannon turret can rotate 90 degrees and has a 90 degree up and down arc of fire; typically has a gunner, but can be fired by the copilot or communications officer if necessary.

3. Concealed Rotary Missile Launchers (4):  Concealed in the top of each front leg are a pair of missile launchers.  The launch doors open to fire and immediately close after launching a single or volley barrage.  May be launched by the gunner, the pilot or the copilot.

Payloads of either:

A.  128 Mini-Missiles total, 32 per launcher.

B.  32 Short-Range Missiles total, 8 per launcher.

C.  16 Medium Range Missiles total, 4 per launcher.

Sensor System: The Behemoth Super –X has some of the best sensory equipment available in a robot vehicle. All standard robot features plus the following:

Thermal Imager

Infrared & Ultraviolet Optics

Infrared Searchlights

Enhanced Radar

Enhanced Sonar

Built in Language Translator

Nightvision Optics

Multi-Camera System – includes 2 mile telescopic and macro-lenses for close studies and time lapse capabilities.

Communications and Data Relay Capabilities

Rifts® Northern Gun™ One is the most tech-filled World Book Palladium has ever produced. In addition to world information, background and O.C.C.s for the Northern Gun corporation and Ishpeming, there are 27 robots, 70+ weapons and all kinds of dynamic information and gaming resources. Courtesy of the largest arms dealer and independent manufacturer on the continent: Northern Gun™.

Northern Gun™ is the most famous arms manufacture in North America. Outside of the Coalition States, one could argue, no other kingdom is as powerful or influential, at least when it comes to technology and weapons. The manufacture and sale of Northern Gun weapons and vehicles has given virtually every kingdom, town, colony of settlers and adventurer group a chance to survive and prosper. Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, NG has been the premier outfitter of mercenaries, adventurers and upstart kingdoms for generations. Now, for the first time ever, learn Northern Gun’s history, goals and plans for the future. Of course, that means new weapons, robots, power armor, vehicles and gear.



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T-002nolife Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Took me hours to see all the details
jakstrieder Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
this is something you created yes?
ChuckWalton Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, but it is inspired by a pre existing in game design fpr RIFTS called the Behemoth.
jakstrieder Featured By Owner Edited Dec 17, 2014
I know, I found yours while looking for images of that one and yours is a lot nicer because it seems more stable with being a quadruped rather then a chicken walker.

any chance you can do maps/layouts of the different floors of it? that's the one thing I couldn't find of the Behemoth, well not good one's anyways.
Wafflewarrior7 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Student General Artist
Fockin Brilliant!!
psionicninja2000 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
*whistles*  Nice idea and design.  My only complaint is that, based off the size of the guy standing by its foot, it seems a little small for the amount of people and cargo listed in the specs.
runebeo Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Great job! So awesome I order this book today! 
Blue-Jedi Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Wow.  Which game is this for?  Rifts?  or Northern Gun?

Very cool stuff.  :)
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Jesus man! Keep it up! You have put faith back in my love for Japanese mecha!
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This won't be the first or last time I say that I want a model of something I see here, and this definitely goes on the list.
BGT78 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
cool line work..
Grebo-Guru Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I really love your work, I really do.
So detailed, so skillfully rendered, so impressive...
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newtman001 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Professional General Artist
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Treyos Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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Hunter2045 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
Looks intimidating.

Nice job.
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Detail of the highest degree. You sir/madam have my respect for such commitment. Well done. If this is your original creation. As in you own it. Id like to feature it in 1 possibly 2 of my stories. But id like your permission first. I also noticed some other works I may wish to use. Again with your permission.
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