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RIFTS NG-V61 GUNWOLF Robot by ChuckWalton RIFTS NG-V61 GUNWOLF Robot by ChuckWalton

Rifts® Northern Gun™ NG-V61 GUNWOLF

The Gunwolf was created to fill a gap in NG’s robot product line:  a monster fighter.   A robot capable of standing against waves or swarms of demons and monsters, or giant horrors like dragons, as well as able to engage robots, power armors and conventional troops.  With the alarming increase of the Xiticix (an invasive and aggressive alien insect race) population, and the frequent appearance of new demons and monsters, as well as alien monstrosities from beyond Rifts all on the rise, NG execs were concerned.  It seems only a matter of time before Ishpeming, or another nation, might have to fight an entire army of monsters.  Such events were certainly not unprecedented.  People still tell stories about Demon plagues of the Two Hundred Years Dark Age, a nightmare that Northern Gun itself had managed to survive, barely.  The Tolkeenites raised armies of daemonix, Brodkil and other supernatural beings to throw at the invading Coalition army; and the New German Republic (NGR) is famously surrounded by millions of hostile Gargoyles and Brodkil, and have battled them for generations.  With more and more chatter in recent years about the Vampire Kingdoms in Mexico and a new Kingdom of Monsters in Calgary, Canada, not to mention a seemingly growing number of deadly beings, monsters and dinosaurs being flushed out from the North and West, there is definitely a market for an anti-monster robot.

  Since Northern Gun survived the Two Hundred Years Dark Age and has hundreds of mercs, Psi-Stalkers and  ”specialist” under contract who have experience battling such monstrosities, the nation is prepared to deal  with supernatural invaders.  Probably more so than some other nations.  After all, NG has a reserve of silver weapons and ammo, as well as some magic items and strategies and tactics to deal with such an event.  They also make and sell silver weapons and ammo to vampire hunters, demon slayers, mercs and adventurers across the continent, but all are for small scale combat excursions and operations.  There are no heavy , combat robots or preparations for amass onslaught like generations past.  As further evidence of this tactical mistake, NG executives point to kingdoms of magic, all of whom have magical weapons and war machines to deal with such threats.  This concern has led to the creation of the Gunwolf anti-monster combat robot.

 The lead designers of the Gunwolf, spent hundreds of hours researching the supernatural threat in order to design a robot that would have maximum effectiveness against a wide range of inhuman foes.  The end result is a heavily armored and versatile combat robot, equipped to fight creatures of magic and he supernatural as well as high tech adversaries.  To set the robot apart and include more combat features, the team, gave it a stylized, mechanical wolf’s head and a biting maw lined with silver plated teeth and powerful, vice like crushing jaws.

Projectile weapons generally being the most effective against the supernatural, provided the rounds are coated in silver, made of wood or some other unconventional ordnance, the Gunwolf has several such weapons.  A pair of dual rotary rail guns are mounted on the right forearm.  One is loaded with silver armor piercing rounds, the other firing specially designed treated wood and silver rounds.  Located in the nose of the cockpit, in the center of the chest, is a lighter rail gun also capable of firing conventional or anti-monster ammo. Mounted under it is a secondary sensor cluster with two cameras (one conventional, one infrared), an infrared spotlight plus the usual array of sensors.  A pair of concealed, gun-style mini-missile launchers provide explosive power. Plasma missiles are the standard payload for use against monsters and animals vulnerable to fire.  In addition, each hand has large, silver plated claws for seizing or slashing in close combat, but also suitable for climbing, digging, mining, salvage operations and ripping through enemy defenses and ship hulls.

Keeping in mind the need t have weapons that can dish out damage to human opposition and ordinary monsters (not just magical or supernatural beings), a heavy ion cannon is mounted on the left forearm and lasers fire from the wolf’s optics.  The ion cannon and lasers are effective against fellow mortals, armored vehicles, dinosaurs, and other dangerous animals, as well as the terrestrial servants and henchmen of demons and monsters.    Of course, a silver plated rail gun slug will chew up mortal troops as nicely as the supernatural, but the design team wanted to insure there were weapons sufficient to deal with a wide range of enemies.

The designers understood that most monsters and supernatural beings fight like predatory animals.  That means they like to pounce and attack with tooth and claw in close combat.  This is where the Gunwolf is at its greatest advantage.  The biting maw, fangs and massive silver claws are equal to those of any monster, but there is more thought to them than that.  The Gunwolf pilot will deliberately bait monster adversaries to charge and pounce.  When the beast get sin close, the pilot grapples and seizes the creature, the robot’s claws digging deep into the monster’s flesh.  Better yet, the tooth-filled muzzle bites into the monster’s neck or shoulder, or one of its limbs, and holds tight.  With the monster held by the maw or claws, or the creature willingly engaged in hand to hand combat, the pilot can fire the chest gun while the gunner blasts with the eye lasers and / or he flamethrower housed within the Wolf’s jaws.  Likewise, the mini-missiles can be fired right into the giant monster and if the pilot or gunner has the angle, the robot can blast away at point blank range with either forearm weapons.  This strategy and tactic may sound unfair and brutal overkill, but fighting such creatures is no game, and a quick kill is the best possible result.  

Northern Gun has recently added a significant number of these anti-monsters to their own military reserve.  They have also been assigned to a select number of border patrol operations and excursions into hostile wilderness to hunt monsters and to put the relatively new robot through its paces in the field.  To support Gunwolf patrols, a few other fast robots or power armor may be deployed with them.  A small, standard Gunwolf patrol consist of 3-6 Gunwolves and two fast, smallish robots or 3-4 power armor troops.  Larger deployments may consist of an entire squad of 8-10Gunwolves and 2 other robots or 2-4 power armor troops.  Such squads have come to be known as the Northern Wolves.  Meanwhile, an entire platoon of 14-20Gunwolves, 2-4 other robots plus 2-8 power armor troops are known as a Wolf Pack.  While the smaller, accompanying robots and power armor units provide support, they more often fill the role of hounds to flush predatory monsters out in the open or toward the Gunwolf where it lays in wait.

Results with the Gunwolf have been impressive and intimidating, making it popular among bounty Huners, monster hunters, mercenaries and city states whom have issues with monsters or demons and the supernatural.

Model Type: NG-V61 Gunwolf.

Class:  Anti-Monster and Infantry Combat Robot.

Crew:  Two;  one pilot and  one copilot/communications engineer.


Running:  60 mph (96 km) maximum.

Leaping:  Due to the heavy armor and bulk, the powerful robot legs, even with jet stabilizers in the legs, can only leap 10 feet ( 3 m) high and 18 feet across (5.5 m) with a running start.

Water:  The Gunwolf is not designed to swim, but can walk along the bottom of rivers, lakes and seas at a maximum speed of 25mph (40 km), maximum depth tolerance is 1,200 feet (366 m).

Flying:  Not applicable.

Statistical Data:

Height: 26 feet (7.9 m).

Width:  20 feet (6 m) shoulder to shoulder.

Length:  14 feet (4.2 m).

Weight:  30 tons fully loaded.

Power System:  Nuclear, average life is 20 years. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Electric battery versions are available.

Weapon Systems:

1. Dual NG-232 Rail Guns:  These big guns are mounted on the right forearm of the robot, and are bigger than even many vehicle mounted weapons. Opponents who underestimate the Gunwolf’s range capabilities by focusing only on the Gunwolf’s jaws and talons are often struck from afar by a surprise burst of nasty rail gun rounds. Ammo can consist of conventional rail gun ammo or silver coated rounds or the special weighted wood rounds with silver rings.  Depending on what the Gunwolf is hunting or expects to encounter, the robot is likely to carry different types of rounds. There are silver-plated slugs for creatures like werebeasts vulnerable to silver, and wooden rounds with silver rings to use against creatures like vampires.  Rail gun blades: Even when the ammo is spent, the barrel tips are lined with short silver plated blades for stabbing, goring and slashing and an deliver grievous blender damage when the barrels are rotating at high speed.

2. Medium NG-223 Chest Rail Gun:  A medium rail gun is built into the chest and used against closer targets and on opponents while seized or grappling or locked in hand to hand combat. Like the other rail guns it can fire conventional rail gun rounds, conventional silver-coated rounds or special wood and silver rounds. 

3. NG-I-323 Ion Cannon:  Mounted on the left forearm is a medium ion pulse cannon.  The cannon is hardwired into the robot’s nuclear power supply for ammo and provides decent firepower, reliability and an unlimited payload.

4: Retractable Mini-Missile Launcher(2):  Housed in the lower sides of the chest chambers are retractable mini-missile launchers designed primarily for anti-aircraft, anti-missile and anti-flyers but also serve secondarily as anti-personnel/monsters and anti-armor arsenal.  With a payload of 28 missiles (usually plasma as standard), 14 per launcher that can be fired one at a time or in volleys of two, four or six with a one mile range each.

5. Wolf’s Head Weapon Platform:  The robot’s head is a multi-weapon platform and sensor unit with eye lasers, fire breathing and bite attacks.  The design and mechanics of the Gunwolf’s head are particularly noteworthy.  It is both the main sensor array and a multi-weapon system, with pilot and crew seated inside the robot’s chest, not the head.  The large fangs are silver-plated, as are the rest of the smaller vice teeth.  The powerful jaws are capable of biting and tearing through mega damage hides and armor.  Inside the mount is a flamethrower to use against animals and monsters afraid of or vulnerable to fire. The flame thrower come with values that automatically seal it off underwater, deactivating it and preventing water from contaminating the napalm reserve.  The sight of a fire-breathing, wolf’s headed robot is also startling and a frightening image and has been shown to have an effect even on lesser demons.  The eye housings contain a battery of optic systems, as well as a pair of light lasers.  The sensors are located in the top of the head. Mounted on the back is the Wolf’s Howl, an ultrasonic attack that disorients many animals and supernatural targets.  

6. Wolf’s Howl Anti-Monster System:  The art of piloting Gunwolves is the ability to close the distance upon your adversary(s) and shred them apart.  To assist in closing ranks and getting the jump on the enemy, be they monsters , robots or power armors, the Gunwolf is equipped with an experimental NG-RS-X Scrambler, dubbed the “Wolf’s Howl” or just “Howler.” Via the spinal fin emitters located on the back of the Gunwolf, the Howler emits a variety of disruptive pulse waves at various subsonic and ultrasonic frequencies simultaneously.  Monsters and animals with acute or enhanced hearing (including Xiticix, Dog boys, or other mutant animals, some Dimensional beings and vampires!) are sensitive to the ear splitting noise, causing the creature’s ears to hurt and head to throb. Moreover, it is disorienting and painful to the point that the creatures suffer many penalties.  Also note that the Howler also has a short range scrambling effect on electronic communications and sensor systems, creating static, whistling and crackling on earphones and speakers and interfering with radar, sonar and radio communications.  All this makes tracking and targeting very difficult and gives the Gunwolf an advantage to locking onto confused or disoriented targets.

5.  The Gunwolf has all the standard robot features plus the following:

Thermal Imager

Infrared & Ultraviolet Optics

Infrared Searchlights

Multi-Camera system:  The Gunwolf has two cameras in each of its eye sockets, one on each forearm, two in the chest sensor cluster, one in each of the chest missile launchers and two in the back.





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...well, it is, but this is badass in its own respect. Three gatling style railguns? You don't so much shoot your enemy as you simply throw a wall of flying metal at him and he runs into it.

I only have one question. Does Northern Gun have financing available? :XD:
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Many of my characters have been power armor junkies but very few have ever subscribed to the theory of giant robot vehicles being their primary focus for military operations - this machine however is purely bad arse! It looks menacing enough to where, were I in command of a Tank Platoon, I'd order all vehicles under my command to keep their distance and hammer them with HEAT rounds until they stop moving!! Either way, an amazing contribution and definitely should have a horror factor. lol
Djake Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The thing I love about your mecha designs is how -functional- they look!  Aside from the fantastical badassery of the head (and what Rifts design would be complete would be complete without a bit of fantasy?), it looks like something that might come lumbering up the street in real life...  assuming one lived in a well-funded war-zone.
Also, happy birthday!
This is awesome!
Xeno-Crazy Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013

hello  Chuck  ,

I would like to ask ur Permissions to Color some of these New  artworks of urs

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This is just pure awesome.  The thought of a platoon of these things is downright frightening!
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Fantastic work. This is one of my favorite of your pieces in NG 1 along with the Blocker and Grizzly.
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Holy shit! Great detail. the guy in the background should be a little smaller, or closer for proportion, but I like it. I'd like to be able to draw mechs, scyfy like that someday. :)
ChuckWalton Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank You!  The guy in the middle is actually wearing northern field exoskeleton/Power armor, so he is supposed to be a bit larger. Was going for the military field look with some fatigue cloth aspects.
doomroar76 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
Haha it reminds me of Metalgarurumon X, quite badass.
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