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February 16
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VECTOR FORCE RIFTER  65 Cover by ChuckWalton VECTOR FORCE RIFTER  65 Cover by ChuckWalton


Hey DA Family and Friends!!!

Hope all is well with you all. On my end, I am still churning away on the work plate.

With the beginning of this year off to a VERY good start, I was honored to deliver this Heroes Unlimited (HU) series cover for the RIFTER # 65, published by Palladiumbooks.…

This is the first out of four HEROES UNLIMITED covers for the RIFTER HU 30th Anniversary series, with the following covers being illustrated by different incredible Artists.  Being first up to bat, I wanted to start out the gate pretty strong for this epic RPG game line.

The Cover Features:


Vector Force is a new Team of heroes, looking to recruit and expand their task forces to protect the galaxy and enforce the laws that protect the populace from tyranny and major harm.  The members surveying the city on the cover are Afterburner, Enigma Supreme, Phalanx and Solitaire.


Team Affiliation: Vector Force

Team Function: Energy Striker/Hyper Assault & Team Leader  

Rea Name: Lance Sebastian II

Age: 32 Years old.


Height:  5’10” standing.

Weight:  183 pounds

Super Powers 

Super Speed


Polar Energy manipulation

Natural abilities:

Photographic memory

Excellent military strategist




Team Affiliation: Vector Force

Team Function: Tanker/ Enforcer

Real Name: Jasqara Revas Primus le Tar, Beast Rook

Age: 16 Years old.


  Once used as a hunting beast by the alien race, XXXXX of bounty hunters to hunt down other off-world aliens and criminals, Jasqara Primus was one of the last survivors on a Voracious Absorber hunt (See RIfter #44), and was discovered severely wounded by an exploration team in the Sirius Helios sector.  Jasqara Primus was given a new name designation “Enigma” along with the opportunity to return to his home or to stay with his rescuers, and he opted to stay as he was treated for the first time as a true sentient being and not some slave beast of war.  Learning the beauty of this new liberty, Enigma enjoys his new found freedom and despises anything and anyone that threatens his freedom or the beings he has learned to care for.  Enigma has sense learned of a sect of galactic terrorist of alien XXXXX who have smuggled a frozen stasis pack of young Voracious Absorbers onto planet earth and they are planning to unleash them once they learn how to successfully control them.  Enigma has devoted a life mission to seek them out, hunt them down and to cease their operations and to destroy the deadly creatures before they are unleashed.


Height:  8’3” standing fully upright, walks slightly haunched more often at around 6’7” or 4’8” at the shoulders on all fours.

Weight:  583 pounds can grow

Super Powers 

Superhuman Physical Strength (with attribute stat buffing physical skills)


Super Regeneration

Psychic Roar attack

Bioengineered/Natural abilities:

 Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced senses of sight, hearing and scent

Telepathic Cerebral Communication implant




Team Affiliation: Vector Force

Team Function: Strategist/Interceptor

Real Name:

Age: 23

Crimson Talon alien body armor, part of a prototype team of super soldiers designed by an alien enforcement strike force, seeking to enforce galactic law.  


Height:  6’2” unarmored, 6’5” fully armored with panther ears erect.

Weight:  226 pounds sculpted muscle unarmored, 420 pounds full armored.

Speed note:

Leaping:  Can make super bound pounces and leaps.

Super Powers with Crimson Talon Alien Body Armor adorned   

Enhanced Physical Strength (with attribute stat buffing physical skills)

Super Regeneration

Psionic Attack Shielding (minor)

Enhanced speed & durability

Enhanced senses of Stereo and telescopic sight, hearing and scent

Bioengineered/Alien Enhanced abilities:

 Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced Stamina

Enhanced senses of sight, hearing and scent

Telepathic Cerebral link with Crimson Talon Body Armor




Team Affiliation: Vector Force

Team Function: Psionic Warfare Specialist/ Infiltrator

Real Name: London Howard

Age: 20

History: Used her psionic gifts to become rich in casinos, London was hunted by some hired henchmen to kill her for her plundering winnings by the mafia, and London realized out of desperation that there was a need for a drastic cause to protect and defend those who would be mere pawns and without a voice against the more volatile or influential forces that manipulate the government.

London decided to invest her higher earnings into developing a special hero task force, and though she is the Founder, she is not the leader as she entrusted Lance (Afterburner) with his seasoned military expertise and comprehensive understanding and research of the gifts to handle the task. 


Height:  5’5”.

Weight:  135 pounds.

Speed note:

Leaping:  Can make telekinetic charges and leaps reaching a maximum XX feet high and XX feet across and double that with a running start.

Super Powers 



Natural abilities:

 Enhanced Reflexes

Exceptional Martial Arts


Painted in PS CS3 with an Adesso Cybertablet M14 

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ogrebear Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Cool team design.
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inuzaka Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What is that big fuzzy thing?
completeartist Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Professional General Artist
very nice
FeroceFV Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nicely done! I particularly how the head structure of the Beast Rook, alien enough that it's clearly not an Earth native, yet familiar enough that I could imagine being friends with it. That's a tricky line to walk.
ChuckWalton Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank You! 
I wanted to capture the basic hero fundamentals and having the muscle was key, but I didn't wanted to go super "human". I like the idea of a Beast Rook as part of the equation as it adds more mystery  to the history and team formula, imho.  Indeed it is a tricky blend to meld, but I think the ingredient is to take a human gesture and expression and then add and build the monster features atop o fit,so it is strangely familiar and relative, but yet its clearly an alien or monster. 
Treyos Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Sounds like the powers have changed somewhat since I played it... and I swear they're getting more powers that we could get, but hey.  The team looks pretty cool.  :)
ChuckWalton Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks very much! The power scheme has expanded quite a bit for HU, but there is also some Chuck spice in there as well, guilty. 
Treyos Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's what we call creative license, right?  ;)
ffranceschi Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
It is now my new wallpaper!!!
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